BOGO Update March 2015

In January 2015 everyone here at illumination was excited to launch our BOGO program. In the couple of months since we have been amazed at the response to the campaign. Initially we were expecting to send our first shipment of BOGO Mandarin 2 Solar Lights to our partners in the Philippines, Kadasig, in mid 2015, however sales under the program have been so strong, that we are now planning our first shipment of 500 lights.

Once the logistics are arranged the lights will be shipped to Manila in the Philippines where our friend Father Shay and his 60 staff will distribute the lights to squatters, victims of people trafficking, and the minority Aetas who live in the surrounding mountains. None of these groups have access to electricity, and will benefit enormously from the Mandarin 2’s.

It is estimated that these lights will save the recipient families over USD25,000 annually in forgone kerosene purchases. For people earning less than USD1 per day, this will make an enormous difference. The lights will also enable children to study and night and provide a much safer and healthier environment.

by illumination

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