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With Illumination’s Corporate Programs your organisation can display its social credentials in a genuine, tangible and highly impactful way and help change the lives of millions of people.

Choosing to involve your company in providing safe, clean light to a community in the developing world through illumination’s global network of grass-roots charities is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Your company will benefit from:

  • Stronger employee engagement, motivation and pride
  • Achievement of your corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Brand enhancement by caring about things your customers care about
  • Community recognition for your involvement in illumination projects
  • Access to photos, videos and stories from the donor families you help
  • Opportunities for your staff/stakeholders to visit projects in person

Our Corporate Programs

At illumination we’ll work with you to tailor a Corporate Program that meets your company’s needs and objectives. Choose from our Corporate Give Power Program, Program Sponsorship or become a Company Sponsor working in partnership with illumination.

1. Corporate Give Power Program

Under our Give Power Program, you can bundle our environmentally friendly solar products in various combinations to create gift pack for clients, staff or conference attendees. We can also customise products and packaging with your logo and organise gift wrapping.

Even better, as part of your purchase, we arrange for the distribution of an equal number of Mandarin 2 Solar Lights to families in the developing world who have no access to electricity.

You might also choose to add these options to your Program to build maximum employee and customer engagement:

  • Conference delegate community participation
    Why not give your stakeholders the chance to participate in a community visit to present their donated Mandarin 2 solar lights and see first-hand the effect these have on families who live without power or rely on kerosene.
  • Keynote speaker
    Let our CEO and illumination founder Shane Thatcher inspire your staff, clients or delegates as a keynote speaker. He’s a much sought after and respected speaker on global energy poverty and can focus on the impact solar has had on the communities your organisation has supported.

A case in point

“Partnering with illumination was a win-win for us. We were able to purchase their innovative Lime 2 solar tech chargers as gifts for our delegates. Through their Give Power Program this also meant we were able to donate 400 Mandarin 2 solar lights to remote communities in Bali. These are villages with no electricity, So basic activities like homework, cooking, reading are done by kerosene lanterns, which can impact health, eye sight and pose a real fire risk”.

In 2015, illumination partnered with a leading global IT company to give 400 senior sales staff a unique corporate conference experience in Bali. The company has a strong CSR and environmental stance and wanted to ensure the conference displayed these same principles by doing something for the local community. We tailored their Program to include:

  • Give Power corporate gift: 400 Lime 2 solar chargers, fully customised with the company’s logo and specific messaging were gifted to all conference attendees in a branded hessian bag. 400 Mandarin 2 solar lights were donated to Balinese families who live in the mountains and use kerosene to cook and light their homes. This was managed in partnership with the East Bali Poverty Project.
  • Conference delegate community participation: we organised and facilitated a visit by selected conference attendees to the area in Bali receiving the lights. This half-day visit was a wonderful opportunity to meet families living in without power and see first-hand their reactions to receiving their solar lights.

Keynote speaker: Shane spoke at the main event dinner on global energy poverty and the impact of solar globally on energy poverty and in particular the Balinese mountain villages.

2. Project Sponsorship

This is your opportunity to join illumination as the sponsorship organisation in a tri-party, energy poverty alleviation project. Together with ourselves and an on-the-ground charity, your organisation can support the distribution of solar lights (and possibly chargers) to families without access to electricity, as well as the ongoing measurement and reporting of the impact of the project on the recipient families.

A case in point
In conjunction with the Morris Family Foundation (of Computershare), Kadasig International Aid and PATH Foundation Philippines, illumination supplied 1200 disadvantaged indigenous Aeta families in the Philippines with 2 Mandarin 2 Solar Lights and 1 Lime 2 Solar Charger.

Each recipient family is participating in an ongoing survey project to measure and monitor the health, wealth and safety impacts of the products. The products were distributed with the support of local mayors and their councillors who participated in a number of at a number of distribution events. The lights and chargers are expected to save the 1200 recipient families over $150,000 per annum.

3. Company Sponsorship

Illumination always looking for like-minded corporate partners to help in the development of new programs. To date, through the provision of our Mandarin range of solar lights, illumination has made safe, clean light available to over 2 million people in over 20 countries, who would otherwise be using dangerous, toxic kerosene to light their homes.

The impact of a single solar light on a family in the developing world is wide-ranging and extraordinary. For information on how your organisation can get involved in our work, please contact us: [email protected]