illumination supplying refugees in South Sudan with safe, clean light


In April 2016 a peace deal between the President and Vic-President of South Sudan collapsed. This has lead to renewed rounds of fighting between forces loyal to each and also many murders and rapes int he capital Juba. The unrest has forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, with thousands ending up in UNHCR run refugee camps in Juba and Uganda.

illumination has a long association with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) which helps organise and administer the refugee camps. Therefore illumination was asked to supply its Mandarin solar lamps to families in the camps to ensure a supply of safe, clean light. In a refugee situation safe, clean light is not only essential to carry on daily tasks like cooking and studying, it is also the best deterrent to to threat of violence and sexual assault that is ever present.

All up illumination supplied 50,000 solar lamps to IOM, over coming the considerable logistical challenge of importing lights to a war torn nation. These 50,000 lights now provide safe, clean light to over 250,000 people.




by Shane Thatcher

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