Mandarin 2 a Finalist in Premiers Design Awards

illumination’s product ethos has always been to bring products that are not only highly functional that help people live healthier and wealthier lives, but that are also universally ‘cool’ in their design. We do this because we understand that no matter where people live and no matter their level of income, our customers also place importance on the aesthetics of a product nearly as much as how it performs its purpose.

This is why we are thrilled that our latest solar light, the Mandarin 2, was nominated as a finalist in the 2013 Premiers Design Awards in Melbourne, Australia. We and our design partners, Toolbox Innovation, worked hard to incorporate the aesthetic form around the high-performance functionality of the new light. The outcome is a compact, durable and cool-looking product that provides users with hours and hours of outstanding illumination in any circumstance, either as a ceiling light, wall light, a study lamp, a torch, etc. While it was designed for the developing world it’s a true sign of its desirability that we are seeing more and more people in the developed world want one too.

It’s a credit to all involved that the Mandarin 2 has been recognised by the Premiers Design Awards, but of course the best recognition however is that of our customers! We look forward to bringing the Mandarin 2 to as many people around the world as possible so they can experience both its function and form for themselves.

by illumination

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