Mandarin 2 Solar Lights to Mozambique

illumination recently cemented our position as the worlds leading supplier of solar lights to international AID and Disaster Relief through partnering with our friends at Concern Worldwide to distribute 6500 Mandarin 2 Solar Lights to victims of natural disasters in Mozambique. These lights will make an enormous difference to the lives of the recipient families.

Mozambique is a beautiful country of 26 million people in East Africa, only 15% of the population have access to electricity and the country experiences regular droughts and floods which impact many hundreds of thousands of people.

Concern Worldwide work tirelessly in Mozambique to provide life-saving assistance to those who are displaced by these natural disasters. The provision of Mandarin 2 Solar Lights will mean those displaced people will be safer, through a reduction in incidence of fire (from kerosene lamps) and in physical and sexual violence. It will also mean children can carry on their education and families already suffering significant financial loss will have access to free, clean light.

It is estimated that the Mandarin 2 Solar Lights will result in approximately USD350,000 in savings from foregone kerosene purchases over their useful life.

by illumination

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